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Stardec® High Quality Compost Starter

Posted by integratedfarm di Mei 29, 2009

 This 100% aerob organic activator will “rev up” your compost pile with a high-energy blend of nitrogen and hungry micro-organisms. Stardec contained lignolytic, cellulolytic, protolytic, lipolytic, aminolytic, and non-symbiotic nitrogen fixing microbe which is guaranteed to give you finished compost in record time.

Stardec starter microbe is tested since 1981 through its application on plantation, horticulture and nursery.
Stardec starter microbe has been recomended by the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia, certified by BINUS and patented under the law of the Departemen Kehakiman dan HAM Republic of Indonesia.

Price : RM20 (1kg)


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